Since its inception, AutoMod has helped remove millions of unwanted messages on communities across Discord. It’s a powerful tool that empowers mods and admins to keep their server clean and sleek 24/7, and its capabilities continue to grow with powerful enhancements like blocking mention spam, regex keywords, and more on the horizon. 

As we continue to think about more ways to equip communities with powerful moderation capabilities, we’re looking to empower the super-builders that are constantly expanding what’s possible on Discord: you, the Developers. 

Add AutoMod to Your App

We’re inviting developers on Discord to supercharge their own moderation applications by integrating directly with AutoMod. 

Millions of communities on Discord rely on powerful moderation applications built by developers to manage and moderate their servers, and today we’re thrilled to share the news that four of Discord’s top moderation app developers are already leveraging the power of AutoMod. 

These four moderation apps leveraging the power of AutoMod include: 

Moderation app developers that integrate AutoMod can provide their users with the peace of mind that comes with proactive message moderation, reliable uptime, and automatic enhancements like RegEx support for keyword filters. When we release new types of spaces to hold conversation in your community such as Forum Channels, AutoMod compatibility will “just work.” 

Not only that, their apps will receive a snazzy badge on their app’s profile so users know it's able to provide top-of-the-line moderation capabilities. It looks kinda like this: 

Why Add AutoMod?

By integrating AutoMod into their moderation apps, developers can leave the heavy moderation work to AutoMod while they focus on building more advanced capabilities tailor-made for their apps’s unique use case.

So what are you waiting for? Augment your app with AutoMod today and take your moderation capabilities to the next level! 🤖

Developers can read up on AutoMod’s documentation, along with our support article on the snazzy new AutoMod badge.