With those Idle Nights of summer falling into the rearview mirror, a fresh vibe’s blowing in. Maybe you’re dusting off those cozy hoodies, or connecting with classmates through your school’s Student Hub, or living in the southern hemisphere and shaking your head silently at us. Point is, it’s a good time to start changing things up…and that starts with your look.

Enter our newest line of Discord merch: the Daydream Doodle Collection.

A lookbook-style image containing all the merch items in one view.

With its sketchy skateboards, thought bubbles, and jetpacks, the Daydream Doodle Collection represents those little moments where your troubles fall away and imagination takes flight. One might call that “not paying attention.” You know what we call it? The triumph of the human spirit.

Keep reading to get the lowdown on available items, or just hit that big blurple button to shop the whole collection.

All Wumps on Deck with the Discord Skateboard 

Hey, do a kickflip. What’s that? You can’t without a skateboard? Exactly. 

That’s why we got you covered with the Wumpus Gnar Shredder skate deck. The stake deck shows your crew Wumpus, Mallow, and Phibi coming along for the ride in a riot of pencils, thought bubbles, sketched icons, and colored accents. 

An image showing the top and bottom of the Discord skateboard. The top of the deck is wood with the Discord logo on it. The bottom of the deck has art of Wumpus, Mallow, and Phibi, along with colorful accents.

Slap on your favorite wheels and trucks with some grip tape and you’ll be ready for whatever rides, stunts or bogus alien invasions await you. Or, hang it on your wall as a decorative art piece and tell all your friends how you used to be a professional skater eons ago. 

Get Things Done with Pens, Notebooks, Totes, and more 

Writing fans will love the Ballpoint Pen Pal, Back to School Notebook, and our two sticky note varieties shaped like Wumpus and Nelly. Working on something fun? Slap on a few choice samples from the Daydream Doodle Sticker Set. 

A handful of Discord trinkets and accessories on a wooden table, including sticky notes, a lanyard, stress ball, notebooks and more.

Less fun? Reach for our Destress Ball, the single most relaxing object in history. Then pack it all up in the Back to School Tote and get where you’re going with your Graduating Gradient Lanyard.

Now, what’s that? You’re getting a call from an unknown number? That’s a brand new style opportunity, and it’s called:

A Discord First: Smartphone and AirPods Pro Cases ♫ 

Ever catch someone weeping outside the phone store? That’s a hard-working phonesmith, and they just watched you take their magnum opus out of the box, admire it for .08 seconds, and slap a case over it forever. 

But if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or Google Pixel, you can spare their tears and pick up our all-new and transparent Clearly a Phone Case. Make your device’s natural beauty sparkle with complementary color and character: fuchsia Mallow, green Phibi, or blue Wumpus.

Three clear phone cases: one with Mallow and fuchsia accents, another with Phibi and green accents, and the last one has Wumpus and blue accents.

Whichever you choose, the Daydream AirPods Pro Case with all three colors and icons will match it perfectly. We have no idea what your AirPods look like, but we’re gonna go ahead and say they’ll match too.

Two images side-by-side. The first image shows the front and back of the Daydream AirPods Pro case. The second image shows two friends enjoying music using their headphones that came out of the Daydream AirPods Pro case.

Swap Your Favorite Letter with Discord Keycaps

You know what key’s missing from your keyboard? The key to happiness. That’s because we just invented it, and it’s this precious little angel right here.  

A close-up of the Wumpus Keycap, with a Wumpus-shaped key replacing the ESC key.

The Wumpus Keycap has been lovingly engineered by artisanal keycrafter Tiny. Find whichever spot would be most improved by that boopable snoot: “W” for Wumpus? “A” for Adorable? “Num Lock” for secret reasons? Your Wumpus, your call. 

For a more traditionally-shaped keycap, look toward the Metal Wumpus and Clyde Keycaps: perfect for setting up keybinds to quickly access the Discord Support pages or bringing up Discord’s in-game overlay.

A close-up of four metal keycaps in Clyde and Wumpus styles. 

Grab a few dozen of each keycap and build a blurple touch typist’s nightmare with keys that stare at you all day and night.

Seven Styles of Seasonal Shirts

And now a bold, experimental choose-your-own-adventure game: picking out a shirt to wear. Will you inspire your friends with the Daydream Doodle T-Shirt in Yellow and Gray? Or kick off a rumpus with the Skater Wumpus T-Shirt in Yellow or Black?

Three images. The first is the Skater Wumpus shirt, the second image is student taking notes in a Discord notebook, and the third image is the Daydream Doodle shirt.

Or if you’re going for a long-sleeved build, may we suggest the Long Sleeve BTS Shirt? That’s Back To School, by the way…no other, uh, affiliation.

Three students lounging in the classroom. The first has the Daydream Zip hoodie and skateboard, the second has a Daydream Bucket Hat and black Longsleeve shirt, and the third has a grey Longsleeve Daydream shirt and lanyard.

Shirts come in black, a few different shades of gray, and a spiffy color reminiscent of a Pee Chee folder. People have asked: is it yellow or orange? We’re sure you have an opinion, and we’re pleased to inform you that you’re totally correct.

For the more studious look, try The Doodle Collar, a black short-sleeve collared shirt with a large skateboarding Wumpus on the back. Alternately, the Doodle Rugby Long Sleeve shifts the shade to a light gray accented by a popping white collar and scribbles of color.

Two students with their arms around each other, looking towards the viewer. The left person is wearing the Doodle Collar, while the right person is wearing the Doodle Rugby Long Sleeve and Nelly Carton Dad Hat.

Keep Warm with Daydream Hoodies and Sweatpants 

Think we wouldn’t bring anything for the hoodie-heads? Not a chance. Add a pop of color to your collection with the Zip-a-doodle Daydream, a black full-zip hoodie with splashes of pink, orange, green and blurple. 

Two images. One is a close-up of the details of the Zip-a-doodle Daydream hoodie. The other is a layflat of the Don’t Sweat It Pants.

It’s made to pair with these humble leg-hoodies, the Don’t Sweat It Pants, whose accents and graphics line up perfectly. It’s the kind of hoodie-and-sweatpants combo you’d wear to a morning class, an all-night gaming session, or absolutely everywhere because they rule. 

Choose from Three New Discord Hats

The Daydream Doodle Collection includes three headwear options—one for each letter in the word HAT. Coincidence? Yes. Interesting? No. Now let’s take a look:

Two images side by side. On the left, a person is wearing a grey hat with the Discord logo. On the right, are two grey hats and a black bucket hat on a plain background.

We’ve got two gray options, the classic Oh Snapback! and the trendy Nelly Carton Dad Hat. Want a darker, floppier sun stopper? Try the Status Bucket Hat.

Despite the name, it will not hold water, so prep accordingly before heading out in your comically leaky rowboat.

Pop Quiz: Where Can You Buy These? DiscordMerch.com

The Daydream Doodle collection is available while supplies last, so save the procrastination for later and order now. And while you’re in the neighborhood, might we suggest checking out these other merch opportunities:

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